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Have a good night sleep on a non ajustable boxspring bed

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Not ajustable box spring beds

Want to buy a box spring bed for your home or weekend house. Here you will find our range of non ajustable box spring beds. Suitable for each bedroom.

Swiss Box spring bed 2000

Box spring bed 2000 is available in 3 colors. The Bonell spring upholstered box with aluminum legs has a 5-zone mattress on top. The topper is made of comfort foam.


Caresse spring box 3850 jubilee

spring box 3850 jubilee is the variant with 7-Zone spring matresses, padded headboard, wooden legs, luxurious fabrics and not ajustable.


Serta springbox Chess

Serta springbox bed Chess with beautiful braided headboard. This peace of craft has a luxurious look. Each mattress is supplied with two loose cores!

€ 4.049,00 € 3.299,00

Serta springbox Magnifique

Serta springbox Magnifique has a capped headboard. Choose from linen and velor fabrics. The classic legs make it an elegant appearance.

€ 3.449,00 € 2.699,00

Serta springbox Lounge XXL

Serta springbox Lounge XXL has a 280 cm wide headboard with spherical surfaces. Choice of velvet fabric. Wooden corner legs and fabric Joker 02 for a stylish appearance.


Serta springbox Lounge

Serta springbox Lounge has a headboard with spherical surfaces, corners and choice of luxourious fabrics. Triangle chrome legs and hismara gray fabric for a stunning appearance. Price is for our fair model!

€ 8.795,00 € 4.995,00

Cork bed Cortica

Steel and Stockings Cork bed Cortica with headboard and legs coated with cork from Portugal. Side and front panel lined with leather. A natural look in your bedroom.


Serta springbox Magnum XL

Serta springbox Magnum XL distinguishes itself by absolute luxury in appearance, material and comfort. The globe blocked headboard has an artistic look.


Serta springbox Wagner

Serta springbox Wagner has a classic-sized headboard with rounded corners. Choose from linen or velours fabrics. Classic legs and accessories provide a luxurious bed.

€ 8.975,00 € 5.395,00

Serta springbox Classico

Serta springbox bed Classico with modern appearance and double piping. The metal frame has a bonell springsystem. Mattress is supplied with two loose cores in one mattress!

€ 2.949,00 € 2.199,00

Velda Country style bed 2C

Country style bed 2C is a stylish flat box spring. In timeless linnen with 7-zone pocket spring mattresses, support frame and headboard.


Velda Living country style bed

Living country style bed 3C is a stylish flat box spring. In timeless linnen with 7-zone pocket spring mattresses, support frame, topper and headboard.


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