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Duvets can be chosen according to stuffing, heat class, single or four seasons and size. We offer a large variety of duvets so there is something for everyone. At HoekVT you can choose from goose down, wool, synthetic, cotton or bamboo duvets. In addition to the filling, it is also important to make the decision whether or not you want an anti-allergen. This means that the duvet is treated with probiotics to exclude dust mites, making it less likely to expect an allergic response. And of course the warmth and size class also play a role in your decision.

Down comforter

A down comforter is filled with duck down or goose down. Down comforters have a filling percentage. This is the percentage of down that contains a comforter. This can vary between 10% and 100% down. The comforter becomes lighter and warmer with a higher filling percentage because the down feathers are very lightweight. Despite the light weight, the down provides a wonderfully warm feeling. Because the down is processed loosely in the comforter, the blanket easily falls around your body. A down comforter lasts 20 to 30 years with good maintenance. They are also very suitable for people with allergies.

Wool duvet

A woolen comforter is filled with wool. This can absorb moisture well and breathe. A woolen duvet ensures that you get warm quickly on cold nights and stay warm. Wool comforters are slightly heavier than other types of comforters. The lifespan of a woolen comforter is 7 to 8 years. You have little maintenance on the comforter.

Synthetic duvet

A synthetic comforter is lightweight and feels light. The lightweight makes them fall nicely over your body while you sleep. This keeps you warm during the night. Synthetic duvets are practical because they can be washed. It is wise to do this once in a while to keep your synthetic comforter fresh. A synthetic comforter is especially recommended for people with a dust allergy. A synthetic comforter will last approximately 10 years.

Cotton duvet

A cotton duvet is filled with the natural product cotton. The cotton product is heavier than down or a synthetic filling, which means that the comforter is also heavier. A cotton comforter is very suitable for people with a dust allergy, or for people with respiratory diseases such as asthma or bronchitis because the comforter can be washed in the washing machine. Washing the comforter occasionally will prevent dust mites from getting into your comforter. A cotton duvet also absorbs moisture, so you won't wake up in a damp bed during warm nights. The comforter will last approximately 5 to 15 years, but this is entirely dependent on maintenance.

Bamboo comforter

This type of comforter is filled with bamboo fibers. The fibers ensure that the comforter has a cooling effect when it is warm and the comforter has a heating effect when it is colder. The comforter is fairly light and therefore feels airy when you lie under it. The bamboo fibers in the comforter prevent the spread of bacteria. This makes the duvet suitable for people with allergies.

Anti allergic comforter

This type of comforter has been treated with probiotics, which prevents dust mites. People with a dust mite allergy will benefit from this type of comforter. In addition, the duvets are suitable for people with related dust allergies. Some down comforters have a NOMITE label. This means that they are anti allergic.

Heat class 1

Heat class 1 is the warmest comforter. This is suitable for cold bedrooms or for people who get cold quickly.

Heat class 2

Comforters with heat class 2 are often winter comforters. They are slightly thinner or less filled than the heat class 1 comforters. These comforters are also suitable for people who quickly get cold, they can then be used all year round.

Heat class 3

This comforter is suitable for bedrooms with moderate heat. The duvet is especially suitable for an average temperature, so for a not so hot summer and a not so cold winter. It can be used all year round.

Heat class 4

This is the thinnest or least filled comforter. This comforter has low heat insulation, which makes it well ventilated and airy. These comforters are usually used in the summer when it is warmer in the bedroom.

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