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Buying a matress

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Buying a mattress is a long term investment. You want to buy the right mattress. Therefore HoekVT offers different types of quality mattresses. We have a suitable mattress available for every type of customer. We have the following types of mattresses available:

  • Polyether - Cheap and especially for guest bed, boat or caravan
  • HR Foam - High elasticity and good moisture absorption
  • NASA memory foam - Pressure distribution and especially good for people with back problems
  • Pocket spring mattress - Weight distribution, good ventilation zones
  • Latex - Pressure Reducing support, stretchable
  • Natural latex - Ventilation, natural product,

Which mattress is best for you depends on a whole number of factors. Better is to say that the best mattress does not exist. We offer you a variety of subjects to pay attention to when selecting the right mattress. Below we list the most important:

  • Length
  • Weight
  • Posture
  • allergies
  • Physical complaints
  • Ventilated power
  • Thermosensitive
  • Waterials
  • Electromagnetic field
  • Warranty