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Are you already familiar with Mérens beds? A Mérens mattress is top of the line. In terms of sleeping comfort, quality and durability, it sets the tone. HoekVT is proud to be able to sell these beds. Mérens beds have mattresses made from, among other things, horsehair and other natural, high-quality materials. You may not yet be aware of the benefits, so we are happy to explain them to you.

The unique benefits of Mérens beds

Mérens is a powerful, weather-resistant horse breed. The brand has been around for more than 25 years. The mattresses of Mérens can handle changing temperatures well. They are handmade from pure sheep wool, horsehair, hemp and organic cotton. The fabrics are hardly subject to wear. They naturally insulate and ventilate well. A Mérens bed is a Dutch manufacture. No glue or chemicals are used in the production.

Not only high-quality, but also beautiful to see

Those who invest in something sustainable and high-quality such as Mérens beds can of course expect the necessary. Not only in terms of quality and sustainability, but also in terms of appearance. A Mérens mattress is therefore a feast for the eyes. Because Mérens beds do not use glue, the mattress is integrated in the springbox. This looks fantastic. Have you become curious? You are very welcome in the HoekVT store to experience the quality and appearance for yourself. You can always contact us by calling 0228-520791 or by sending an e-mail to [email protected].