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Since 1884, the Dutch brand Norma has been producing mattresses and later also box spring beds. As early as 1976, a family member developed the Combispring mattress at Norma. A novelty in the field of mattress development. Stable position over the entire width of the bed with supportive and ventilating properties. The patented Combispring system is still unrivaled 40 years later.


Norma Combispring mattresses provide high lying comfort over the full length and width of the mattress. This means that you are also well positioned in the middle of a double mattress. The mattress is made up of hundreds of independent springs surrounded by high-quality Hybrid HR foam. The thermally hardened steel springs are placed by hand in the core. The open spaces in the core ensure optimal ventilation. The mattress is divided into several zones for unique support. In addition, several hardnesses are available so that the mattresses can be tailored to your personal wishes and comfort. With a Combispring mattress you are assured of a nice combination of pressure distribution, ventilation, comfort and support.

Best from the test:
Independent tests show that the mattresses score unprecedentedly high in terms of quality and comfort. For example, the Norma Combispring® mattress has already received the title "Best in the test" from the "Consumers Association" several times. For lying comfort and ventilation.