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On an MLine boxspring bed you sleep more deeply and turn less. An MLine boxspring guarantees mobility and ventilation.

The M Line products stand for quality. M-Line beds, mattresses and pillows are made with care. Thanks to comprehensive TUV and TNO tests the durability and quality of the M-Line products is guaranteed. All products are also certified with LGA and öko-tex.

The composition of the M-Line mattresses is unique. The formula has a revolutionary visco-elastic material which molds to the contours of the body. M Line mattresses ensure perfect pressure reduction, ergonomic support and improve blood circulation while sleeping. On an M-Line mattress you can easily turn while you sleep.

All M Line pillows are made from the revolutionary visco-elastic MLine material. The cushions ensure that you adopt a relaxing sleeping position. If your head is well supported, your neck and vertebra will also taka a relaxing position.

Many athletes sleep on a M Line bed and have convinced themselves that M-Line contributes to better performance. A correct sleeping posture contributes to a rapid recovery of body and mind.

A rapid recovery is also an important issue in healthcare. A good sleeping posture and optimal pressure reduction thanks to M-Line, can help prevent back pain and neck pain and reduces the risk of bedsores.

MLine Athletic pillow

€ 149,95 € 105,00

MLine Wave Pillow 1

€ 109,00 € 59,00

MLine Travel pillow

€ 59,00 € 35,00

MLine Fit Pillow

€ 89,00 € 69,00

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