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HoekVT is a high-quality M line dealer. You sleep deeper and turn less on an M line box spring. A box spring from M line guarantees mobility and ventilation. That is why HoekVT is also a proud M line dealer: we are happy to help people with an optimal night's sleep.

A complete offer at an official M line dealer

The M line products stand for quality. M line boxspring beds, mattresses and pillows are made with care. Thanks to extensive TUV and TNO tests, the durability and quality of the M line products are guaranteed. All products are also LGA and öko-tex certified. As an M line dealer, we can supply you with all products from this beautiful brand. The composition of the M line mattresses is unique. They are, among other things, composed with revolutionary visco-elastic material that molds completely to the contours of the body. M line mattresses ensure a perfect pressure reduction, ergonomic support and better blood circulation while sleeping. On an M line mattress you can easily turn during your sleep.

Unique mattresses

Because we are an official M line dealer, you can also try and buy all pillows at HoekVT. Many top athletes sleep on a M line bed and are convinced that M line contributes to better performance. A correct sleeping position contributes to a quick recovery of body and mind. Do you have any questions or would you like personal advice? Please contact us by calling 0031228-520791 or by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

MLine Athletic pillow

€ 149,95 € 99,00

MLine Slow Motion 4

€ 1.049,00 € 775,00

MLine Slow Motion 6

€ 1.399,00 € 1.049,00

MLine Slow Motion 8

€ 1.699,00 € 1.274,00

MLine Athletic pillow cover

€ 34,95 € 29,95

MLine Slow Motion 5

€ 1.399,00 € 1.049,00

MLine Slowmotion 3

€ 1.049,00 € 775,00

MLine Slow Motion 7

€ 1.699,00 € 1.274,00

MLine Travel pillow

€ 59,00 € 37,95

MLine Cool Motion 6

€ 1.399,00 € 1.049,00

MLine Energy pillow 2

€ 89,00 € 69,95

MLine Cool Motion 2

€ 799,00 € 559,00

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