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Key West bedding.

Is a relative newcomer to the bedding market. But at Key West Bedding they know what is going on in the market. The main motive is serving retailers. After all, they provide you as a customer and of course they are also users themselves. As a total supplier, Key West supplies high-quality box springs, cots and mattresses at an attractive price. Thanks to the well-organized logistics, they deliver a lot directly from stock.

In its own warehouse of over 15,000 square meters in Enschede, Key West has a stock of over 3.000 boxsprings. This way they are always able to deliver customers in the Netherlands such as HoekVT, Belgium and Germany quickly and well. They do this with their own trucks, which means they are flexible in distribution and that agreed delivery times are well monitored.

Key West Rough solid wooden bed

€ 1.395,00 € 995,00

Key West Mine solid oak bed

€ 1.395,00 € 995,00

Key West Lotus bed solid wood

€ 1.395,00 € 995,00