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Big Green Egg

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Barbecue which has its roots in Japanese tradition. The Kamado mushi 'steamer' is a round of clay made traditional oven which was heated with charcoal and closed by a domed lid.

It revolves around the unique heat circulation system through which food is quickly prepared. Flavorings and nutrients are retained excellent. Additionally charcoal lasts longer through the insulating ability of the ceramic. The exterior features a strong glaze.

Big Green Egg is known for its ease of use. For ten minutes after lighting you can start barbecuing. The temperature is fine adjustable up to 300 ºC. Cleaning is easy. The inside is fitted with a self-cleaning system.

The possibilities are truly endless with Big Green Egg; you can use it for grilling, baking, roasting, stewing and use it as a furnace for example, in preparing pizzas. Big Green Egg is completely sealed. So even in cold or wet weather, you can seamlessly barbecue outside.