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New brand; Mérens springbox beds

New brand; Mérens springbox beds

HoekVT introduces Mérens box spring beds. For centuries it was normal to sleep on a mattress made of natural materials.

Until the springbox industry discovered plastic alternatives such as synthetic latex and foam. Driven by volume and price pressure. Fortunately, the old craft of mattress maker has not been lost. HoekVT therefore gladly introduces Mérens. Natural materials and without the use of glue. Every Mérens is a unique product. Hand-made from the best materials in youre desired dimensions. Each model has its own composition and design. With always a beautiful, detailed finish. The production of the mattresses takes place in a modern and well-equipped workshop that meets strict requirements in the field of safety and hygiene. Traditionally made does not mean old-fashioned. And that can be seen on the new Mérens beds.


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