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Velda Gelfresh pocket mattress

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Gelfresh pocket mattress is an innovation with layers and springs. These regulate elasticity and ventilate. Gelfresh in medium, soft or firm for comfort and support.

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Brand: Velda
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Product Details

Gelfresh pocket mattress.

Gelfresh pocket mattress is an innovation for mattresses by the combination of layers of foam and feathers. These regulate elasticity and ventilation. Gelfresh pocket is a mattress with pocket springs in soft, medium or firm for comfort and support.

The technique consists of a super comfortable top layer in Gelfresh with matching support in low pulse Latex. This Velda mattress is also equipped with Physiospring pocket springs.

Gelfresh pocket breathes well and is built to ventilate thanks to the top quality of the materials used. The mattress is not heat sensitive and extremely durable. In blue fresh quality standard for comfort and soft magenta fresh for the ultimate form to your body.


The exceptional surface layer requires a special underlayer. The unique Physiospring pocket springs ensures permanent ventilation. The mattress has seven zones for body support.

The Cooltec fabric cover is extremely elastic in all directions. This makes for a perfect connection of the mattress to the body. The cover is decorated with 3D Aerotec fabric for optimal ventilation.


  • Basic Kern Physiospring
  • Comfort layer in Blue Fresh & Pulse-latex
  • Soft, medium or firm version.
  • Cover not quilted for maximum comfort.
  • Treated with PCM technology for cooling effect.
  • Removable, washable cover.
  • Height 0.26 centimeter.
Gelfresh pocket mattress


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