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MLine Fit Pillow

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M Line Fit Pillow adapts to the position of your body, thanks to 3 separate chambers. Your head stays in line with your body position, so you wake up rested.

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Product Details

M Line Fit Pillow.

This pillow can be customized to your wishes. This can be done by dosing the anti-allergic filling. As a result, the shoulder lines in perfect position with respect to the mattress. On a firm mattress a higher support is needed compared to a soft mattress.

The head position can be adjusted to your own comfort as well. The pillow has three filling chambers that bring the head in the position in which the sleeper relaxes best. If you fill the middle chamber less the head and neck will be protected in the recovery position.


  • 50 x 60 cm
  • 3 filling chambers
  • Tice with ventilating borders
  • washable fiber

M Line Fit Pillow

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