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With a Tempur pillow you ensure yourself of the best possible night's rest. You will sleep comfortably and wake up fresher, more energetic and smoother. A pillow is very important for the quality of your sleep. At HoekVT you will always find your ideal Tempur pillow.

A Tempur pillow makes you determine the accent

We can state with certainty that there is a suitable Tempur pillow for everyone. Tempur lets you determine the emphasis of the pillow yourself. There are two lines: comfort cushions and ergonomic cushions. The comfort cushion provides the best possible support thanks to the variety of the firmness. The pillow retains its original shape, so you lie down every night on a perfect pillow that conforms to your position and offers perfect support. The ergonomic Tempur pillow is for people with a favorite sleeping position. For example, if you always sleep on your side, this pillow offers you maximum support by enclosing your head while optimally supporting your head and neck. The pillow brings your body optimally in line and balanced during your favorite sleeping position.

Come and experience the pillows

What your ideal Tempur pillow is depends on the way you sleep, but also on your wishes. Whatever support you want, these pillows can offer it and HoekVT has them all in its range. Ordered online today means in most cases tomorrow at home. Do you have questions? Please contact us by calling 0031228-520791 or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. Of course you are also welcome in our store to find and experience your favorite Tempur pillow yourself.

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